According to some recent survey conducted by American Heart Association, by 2015, over 60 % cardiac patients will be increased in all over world. Students at IIT-Mumbai have developed a device that lets cardiac patients relax while their doctor monitors their health.               

ECG locket is interfaced with five thin electrode wire which are used to receive electrical Signals from heart. The patient needs to strap on these five thin electrode wires, an algorithm fed in its  Systems enable the locket to distinguish between jerks from running, working out or climbing stairs, and arrhythmic heartbeats. Worn with five electrodes on the chest, a sensor in the locket records the heart’s electrical activity or ECG.

       If it detects abnormalities, then locket, which has a 2 GB memory card and a unique patient identifier code, it stores received ECG signals & it will automatically transmit the last few seconds of ECG data to a central server using a mobile phone interface. The acquired data can  be viewed by medical professionals using a user interface. Patients can even indicate feelings of uneasiness or pain with the flick of a switch.




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