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Prabhas Studyeez E-Education Pvt. Ltd works with a clear-cut mission to make learning much more fruitful and much more enjoyable…

Prabhas Studyeez E-Education Pvt. Ltd, located here in Hyderabad, AP, India, provides quality edu-solutions on a distant mode, utilizing the most modernized methodologies of teaching to help learners gain what they are in quest of that is excellence coupled with innovativeness which eventually will lay the foundation for success in their lives. Prabhas is here to root out the complexities which are inherent in teaching-learning processes or which actually cripple the flow of quality education or the creativity of the learners.

When ways of acquiring knowledge are blessed with the technology then reaching zenith in one’s life can just be easier so do not wait….Take a step towards Prabhas to take a step towards success.

Edu-Tools @ Studyeez

Studyeez aims at perfecting the flow of education. Tools which are related but certainly not limited to: Audio, video, text, chat etc can take the learning-teaching sessions to the next best level. There is content library which can allow easy sharing of the files. Whiteboard can help virtual classroom students or the instructors to write or draw as effectively as they want to. There is an option of “change my language” too which can allow the teachers to teach the students in their mother tongue. All sessions are recorded so that the student can revise if they would like to.


No additional investment is required.
Facilitates one-to-one teaching
Creates a way to enhance learner’s comprehension / satisfaction
Enhances quality of teaching through, videos, audios, chat etc
Option to download recorded sessions
Special tools to facilitate teaching of math


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